Web Hosting

Shared hosting is the most common and easiest form of hosting. At minimal cost you rent hosting space on one of our powerful web servers in one of our advanced data centres.

In short, with shared hosting Crystal Data can offer:

• Registration of your domain name at competitive prices
• Hosting of your web site(s)
• Email provisioning
• Various packages are available

With shared hosting you leave the technical back-end of your website in the capable hands of Crystal Data personnel. This way you’ll be assured of a quickly accessible web site, leaving you free to work on design and content.

Going with any Crystal Data hosting option is always the smart choice because Crystal Data stays ahead of the competition. Not just by taking on board the latest technology, but also because of the permanence of our network and the high, no-nonsense service level.

Crystal Data can claim, without overstating, to be ‘in force’ since our network and servers are seated in several high-end data centres in Manchester. All our critical equipment has been outfitted redundantly so that in case of concern an alternative solution is readily at hand.

As a Crystal Data customer you are assured of exceptional ‘up time’ (99.98% during last year).

Additionally Crystal Data assists in keeping your data safe by, for example, filtering your email traffic to keep spam and viruses at bay.
For any specific wishes or questions please contact us.